AUdi R8 Super Car

At Bavarian Collision “We Love Your Car!”  Whether its a Super car Audi R8 like Tony Stark in Iron Man the Movie or the common 2010 Toyota Corolla.  We still Take the same love and care to bring your car back better than the pre-accident condition.

Regarding the Audi R8.  We only used premium Audi parts and some parts had to come from Germany on a container!  Talk about straight from the factory, huh?  Because its not a mass produced car we had to wait weeks as they were making the parts in order to get them.
-Replaced Hood (Aluminum)
-Front Bumper
-Xenon Headlights
-Front Bumper Grilles
-Damaged Fenders
-Damaged Doors
-Hit the hood so hard it Bent the HOOD HINGES!!!!!!
-Center Radiator.  Vehicle has 3 Radiators!!!!!
-Straightened the frame
On pick up day the customer was uber happy and a smile that could light the night 😀  Although we didn’t get paid for it we detailed it with a mirror glass buff, polish, wax shine to the car where it resembled a glossy bowling ball.  A little know fact that we keep secret is… We do a light detail to all of our cars
Jabari Hayes
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